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Selection of Works

OPERA STAGE: The Secret of Don Giovanni (3 act opera, libretto by Ilie Balea), 1969-70; Oreste-Oedipe (4 act opera, libretto by Olivier Apert), 3 sopranos, mezzo-soprano, tenor, bass-baritone, small mixed chorus, small orchestra, 1999-2001

ORCHESTRAL: Sequences, string orchestra, 1960; Sinfonia brevis, 1962; Symmetries, 1965; Incantations, 1965; Concerto, piano, orchestra, 1966; Intercalations, piano, orchestra, 1967; Sinfonietta giocosa, string orchestra, 1968; Alternances, 1968; Raccords, small orchestra, 1971; Long Song, clarinet, piano, string orchestra, 1974; Symphony II, 'Aulodica', 1975-76; Garlands, 1979 (also version for small orchestra, 1979); Prolegomenes II, piano, string orchestra, 1982; Sinfonietta, 'Pro Juventute', string orchestra, 1984; Symphony III, 'Signes', 1984; Symphony IV,'Ritornele', 1987; Sonata rubato II, oboe, piano, string orchestra, 1988; Miroirs, soprano saxophone (+ tenor saxophone), small orchestra, 1990; Cadenze concertante, cello, small orchestra, 1993; Antiphona, flute, orchestra, 1996; Siciliana Blues, piano, small orchestra (flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, trumpet, percussion, strings), 1998; Concerto, oboe, string orchestra, 1998; Concerto breve, flute orchestra (24 players), 2002; Concerto breve II for orchestra 2003; Rimembranza, orchester, 2005; Simfonia da Requiem, choir and orchestra, 2005; Sax Sympho for sax solo and orchestra Saramandji for orchestra 2008 Simfonia Memorial 2009, diferencias for sax baryton and orchester Hetero symphony 2011,Yang & Yin 2013 Cantus Gemellus 2014 Heraldica 2014 Semper Idem for sax solo and orch. 2015 vocal Palindron for orch. 2016 Bachiana for orch. 2016 , Simfonia Aforistica 2017, Omagiu 1918 2018, Sonata concertante 2019, Cercar la nota 2019-2020

CHAMBER MUSIC: Trajectoires, flute, clarinet, trombone, violin, cello, percussion, 1994; Crisalide, sopranino saxophone, ensemble (French horn, trumpet, trombone, piano, percussion), tape, 1995; Remembering Bartók I, oboe, piano ad libitum, 1995; Remembering Bartók II, oboe, string quartet, double bass, piano, percussion ad libitum, 1995; Remembering Bartók III, soprano saxophone, ensemble (2 soprano saxophones, 2 tenor saxophones), 1995; Responsorial I, 1-2 clarinets, piano ad libitum, percussion ad libitum, 1996; Responsorial II, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, 1996;

Responsorial III, clarinet, bassoon, violin, cello, piano, percussion, 1997; Flaine Quintette, flute, oboe, clarinet, French horn, bassoon, 1997; Cadenze per Antiphona, flute, 1998; Pour Georges, sopranino saxophone, tape, 1999; Laudae for sax solo and ensemble (2006) ,Oximoron for sax and ensemble 2006, Kerkyra Trio for sax,viola and piano 2007; Triade 2011, for sax, trumpet,trombone and chamber Ensemble, Other songs [Nichita Stanescu] for baryton  and ensemble 2017

CHORAL: Two Madrigals (text by Attila József (translated by Nina Cassian), female chorus, 1962; Doina (text by Camil Baltazar), mixed chorus, 1963; Horea's Oak (cantata, text by Leonida Neamtu), female chorus, orchestra, 1963; Two Madrigals (text by Lucian Blaga), female chorus, 1964; Two Madrigals (text by Ion Vinea), female chorus, 1965; Two Madrigals (text by Endre Ady (translated by Eugen Jebeleanu), mixed chorus, 1965-66; Supplex I (text from an 18th-century Latin source), mixed chorus, 1971; Cortège (cantata in memoriam Avram Iancu, text from an anonymous funeral announcement for Avram Iancu), mixed chorus, orchestra, 1973; Supplex II (cantata, text from an 18th-century Latin source), mixed chorus, small orchestra, 1974; Tombeau de Verlaine (text by Stéphane Mallarmé), 12 or more mixed voices, 1975; Cantus Transylvaniae (cantata, text from a 3rd-century Latin source), mixed chorus, small orchestra, 1978; Horea (text by Nichita Stanescu), mixed chorus, 1985; Testament (text from an old Romanian source), mixed chorus, 1988; Dedications (text by Nichita Stanescu), bass, speaker, small mixed chorus, small orchestra, 1991; Modra rijeka – Blue River (text by Mak Dizdar), mixed chorus, 2002; DESPRE TIMP (2009), for mixed choir, verse by Matei Calinescu,SONNET, for mixed choir, verse by M.Eminescu

VOCAL: Three Songs (text by George Topîrceanu), soprano/tenor, piano, 1955-56; Black Fir Trees (text by Lucian Blaga), tenor, orchestra, 1958; Epitaph (text by Lucian Blaga), soprano, piano, 1958, revised 1963; Two Poems (text by Camil Petrescu), soprano, piano, 1959, revised 1966; Love Songs (text by Nicolae Labis), soprano/tenor, piano, 1959 (also version for soprano/tenor, orchestra, 1961); Three Elegies (text by George Bacovia), soprano, piano, 1958-62; Evening Song (text by Zaharia Stancu), mezzo-soprano, piano, 1962; Song to a Burning Era (cantata, text by Nicolae Labis), tenor, male chorus ad libitum, orchestra, 1962; Return (text by Lucian Blaga), soprano, piano, 1967; Three Poems (text by Ana Blandiana), soprano, piano, 1967; Ébauche (text by Camil Petrescu), soprano, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, 1966-68; Le Lit de Procuste (text by Camil Petrescu [translated by the composer]), baritone, clarinet, viola, piano, 1968-70; Ode in Ancient Meter (text by Mihai Eminescu (translated by Michel Steriade), baritone, clarinet, violin, piano, percussion, 1972; Two Poems (text by Ana Blandiana), soprano, flute, violin, viola, cello, piano, percussion, 1975; Rime di Michelangelo, baritone, small orchestra, 1977 Four Poems (text by Nichita Stanescu), baritone, piano, 1978; Songs without Love (text by Nichita Stanescu), baritone, speaker, trombone, string quartet, piano, percussion, 1980; Nomadic Songs (text by Cezar Baltag), 2 mezzo-sopranos, tenor, baritone, speaker, small orchestra, 1982; Orpheus (text by Cezar Baltag), baritone, small orchestra, 1985; Chansons sans réponse (text by Nichita Stanescu), baritone, speaker, clarinet, piano, string quartet, 1986-88; Hommage à Paul Célan (text by Paul Celan), mezzo-soprano, bass, small orchestra, 1989; Memento (text by Paul Celan), mezzo-soprano, bass, small orchestra, 1989; Chansons interrompues (text by Nichita Stanescu), baritone, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, 1993; Cinq Poèmes de Tristan Tzara, mezzo-soprano/bass, clarinet ad libitum, piano, percussion ad libitum, 1995; Laudatio per Clusium (text from an old Latin source), mezzo-soprano, oboe, trombone, string quartet, double bass, piano, 1997; Saturnalii (text by Vladimir Streinu), baritone, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, piano, 1998; Three Labis Poems, baritone, piano, 1998;Shakespeare Sonnets, voice and ensemble, 2003; Baroccoco, baroque ensemble, 2004; Simfonia da Requiem for mixed choir and orch 2005 2 Eminescu Sonnets for mixed choir 2006-2007; 2 Songs (Nichita Stanescu) for voice and piano 2007; Cantece incerte (M.Sebastian) for voice and piano 2007; Not Easy Songs (Lucian Blaga) for voice and ensemble 2008; REFRENE CU MURI, 2011, verse by Ion Muresan,for baryton and piano, LAUTARUL-THE FIDDLER 2012-2013, text after Camil Petrescu, for narrator, tenor, and chamber orchestra

PIANO: Sonata Ostinato, 1961; Contrastes I, 1962; Contrastes II, 1963; Dialogues II, 1967

FILM SCORES : The Verdict, 1970 (Ferenc Kósa); Red Apples, 1976 (Alexandru Tatos); Above All, 1978 (Nicolae Margineanu, Dan Pita); Man in the Overcoat, 1979 (Nicolae Margineanu); Return from Hell, 1983 (Nicolae Margineanu); The Forest Maiden, 1985 (Nicolae Margineanu); Gathering Clouds, 1985 (Alexandru Tatos); Feu follet, 1987 (Nicolae Margineanu); Im Süden meiner Seele, 1988 (Frieder Schuller); Somewhere in the East, 1991 (Nicolae Margineanu); The Cardinal, 2019 (Nicolae Margineanu)

ARRANGEMENTS: Movements 1, 4 from Symphony No. 5 (George Enescu), tenor, female chorus, orchestra, 1991; Caprice Roumain (George Enescu), violin, orchestra, 1994-96

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